I paid extra for 2 day delivery for a birthday present for my mom. When I had not received it after 48 hours, I contacted RitzPix via instant messenger where I was told that not only had my photo not yet shipped, but it not yet even been printed!

I requested a manager call me directly. A few minutes later, I received a call from manager Joe who went on to treat me like an insiolent child explaining that ordering a photo is similar to ordering a burger from Burger King and that I needed to have allowed time for production in addition to the two days of shipping. Additionally, "2 days does not necessarily mean 48 hours..." WHAT??? He further told me of a winter storm that hit Atlanta a full 24+ hours after submission of my order, stating he cannot control the weather.

He was unapologetic and when I asked why I had not received so much as an email telling me my product was delayed, he simply said they had no way to track orders and customers. At this point I was truly annoyed and I said "sounds to me like a pretty sh*tty process, sir." All he said to this was "Do not curse at me." Bottom line, not only is this company unreliable, but they are rude!

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I've used RitzPix for years and they've always been very reliable. It just sounds like your order was delayed to the ice and snow storm that hit the Altanta area pretty severely.

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Understand your pain, Some companies are like that. Do you not think that in this case with the state of emergency Atlanta had to the point they are still cleaning up today as I type this maybe its a case of it does happen.

Did they even refund your shipping at least? What time did you order it that it could not have been printed before the storm?

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